Nanalab is a society specialized on ideating and realizing apps for mobile devices. With the spread of mobile devices connected to Internet changes radically the idea of online navigation. That transformed in an “always-on” with the Internet potentials available in every moment and everywhere. To get an idea about the growing of this business segment, is enough to remember that the global app market in one year has grown more than 60% affirming around 20 billion Euros.

The possibilities of monetizing through apps are multiple: the classic pay-per-download; the app internal advertising until the acquisition of the Premium version that offers extra functions to the user. There is no limit to the possibilities offered by the apps: they can be both editorial (with contents to enjoy through mobile devices) and highly interactive. The content in the Apps are enjoyed in an absolutely innovative way where the reader becomes an active part thanks to the functionalities that can be implemented such as geo-location or sharing on social networks. With Nanalab enterprises can seize every opportunity offered from apps to be known in a completely innovative way and deliver to own users an in time service.

Your idea for a new success app